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Insightful Acceleration

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In this series, we explore the creative intention required to shift away from pre-pandemic habits and norms that exasperate antiquated notions and behavior. As we have entered a state of perma-crisis derived from geopolitical conflict, inflation, and division, we must merge imaginative reinventions with cognitive decision-making. In this way, innovative creativity gains meaningful consistency and removes the ego element, making evolutionary leaps responsive and responsible.

About TEDxWrigleyville

Since the launch of our first event in 2019, we have produced approximately 60 TEDx talks, most of which are posted on, and some of which were rebranded as TED Global Talks. These talks have been shared millions of times on, the TEDx YouTube channels, and the TED Daily Podcast platforms. During this time, our team of curators and volunteers also produced dozens of activations (including multiple art installations) and performances (including two internationally launched music videos (featuring world-famous performers such as Yo-Yo Ma alongside original compositions by innovative new musicians).

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